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Tskaltubo is a resort of world importance. It is located in western Georgia, 7 km from Kutaisi, 250 km from Tbilisi, and 70 km from the Black Sea, it is located at 95-120 m above sea level. If there really is a source of real and not fabulous immortality somewhere – it springs from the heart of the earth here in Tskaltubo. Here are the people who are so obsessed with diseases that they can not even take a step independently. Whether they undergo a treatment course consisting of 25-30 baths, they forget that they were brought to Tskaltubo on a stretcher.

Tskaltubo healing water has long been a symbol of healthy living. This unique gift of nature has not in vain been called the “source of immortality.” The fruitful effects of the resort waters on the human body have been known since time immemorial. Today, modern medical-rehabilitation equipment allows us to treat, prevent and improve the tone of the body.

სასტუმროები წყალტუბოში

Resort Tskaltubo uses its own bathing technique. The peculiarity of taking a bath is that the treatment is carried out constantly in running water (ie mineral water is continuously infused into the bath and drained until the end of the procedure), thus the water constantly maintains its physicochemical and healing properties, uniformity and temperature.

The main healing factor of the resort Tskaltubo is radon mineral water. A debt of mineral water, depending on the time of year, varies and amounts to 13-15 million litres per 24 hours (per day). The natural temperature of the water (+ 33-35oC) allows its use without pre-heating. Water in the baths flows directly from the springs by itself, without the use of pumps. The treatment is carried out constantly in running water, does not contain toxic substances, the composition is not aggressive. Accordingly, the age of vacationers is unlimited (including 4 years old).

Direct indication of Tskaltubo mineral water treatment is the treatment and rehabilitation of people with certain occupational diseases: athletes, dancers, pilots, astronauts, sailors, oil workers, miners, military servicemen, special services, etc. The famous people of the mentioned professions had a lot of rest in Tskaltubo resort in the last century.

Another natural healing factor has been discovered at the resort – karst caves, whose microclimate (especially the “White Cave” microclimate) is successfully used in speleotherapy for the treatment of hypertension, bronchial asthma and neuroses. (Work is currently underway to improve the cave.)

Technological advances, 21st century service and lifestyle, have given rise to new types of illness, such as managerial syndrome: persistent, chronic fatigue, constant distraction – when you find it impossible to concentrate at work. Constant emotional tension as a result of mental, and rarely physical strain. People spend 10 hours or more at work, mostly sitting at the computer all day, in meetings, and after a busy day, resting at home, sitting back, returning to the same physical state, often, for relaxation, driving or sitting in bars, cafes and restaurants. To combat this problem, balneotherapy with various hydrotherapy has been used successfully. A 5-day and more treatment program “Manager Syndrome” / “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” has been developed and its shortened version – 2-3-day relaxation program “Tonus”. After passing the mentioned program, people experience: increase of mood, increase of activity, decrease of neurological events (headache, agitation, chronic fatigue), improvement of psycho-emotional state and sleep, etc.

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