Tskhaltubo is a world famous spa resort which is located in the lowland region of Western Georgia in the valley of the river Tskhaltubo, at an altitude of 95 to 120 m above sea level, 9km from the town of Kutaisi and 70km from the Black Sea. It is the main town of the Tsqaltubo district of the Imereti province.

The resort area is a highly scenic rolling plain grown with trees and shrubs, changing towards the northeast into an upland covered with evergreens and,further on, into the elevated spurs of the resort area adjoins the Colchian Lowland.

The resort of Tskhaltubo has a moderetely humid subtropical climate with an average annual temperature of +14.6° C. Winters are very mild and snowless. The mean January temperature is +5.3° C. Summers are very warm and moderately humid with a mean August temperature of +23.8° C. Autumn and late spring are the best time of the year in these parts. In summer, hot and spells often occur and in winter and early spring the weather is mostly windy.

Tskhaltubo is famous for its radon-carbonate mineral springs, having unique physico-chemical and medicinal properties. whose natural temperature of 33-35°C enables the water to be used without preliminary heating.

The wide range of therapeutic effects of the Tskhaltubo mineral water is determined by a favourable combination of it`s physico-chemical components (They fall under the category of lowradon (74-148 Bq/I) chloride-pydrocar-bonate-sulphate sodium-magnesium-calcium weters whith an overall mineral content of 0.7 to 0.8 grammes per litre. the total daily yield of the springs is 18 to 20 million litres).

The resort’s focus is on balneotherapy for circulatory, nervous, musculo-skeletal, gynaecological and skin diseases, but since the 1970s its repertoire has included “speleotherapy”, in which the cool dust-free environment of local caves is said to benefit pulmonary diseases. A study of the physico-chemical and medicinal properties of this natural factor was launched by the Georgian Resort Treatment Research institute in 1970.

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